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BVC Author : Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

An Astounding Award nominee.

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel reinvents herself every decade or so.  The one constant she has reached for in life is telling stories.  “I’m interested in how people respond to choice.  What is the metaphor for power, for choice? In SF it tends to be technology (good, bad and balanced) while in Fantasy the metaphor is magic – who has it, who wants or does not want it, what is done with it, and who/what the person or culture is after the dust has settled. A second metaphor, both grace note and foundation, is the need for and art of healing.  Forthcoming stories will talk about new things that I’ve learned, and still hope to learn … with grace notes about betrayal, forgiveness, healing and second chances.”  An Astounding Award nominee.

The last male heir of one throne line vs. the beautiful and dangerous Silver
Two misplaced quests explode into a conspiracy of death, treason, and abduction.
Nuala means survival. Survival against all odds, all enemies, all fortune.
“When you have the Gift, your life is not your own.”
“…we are all Death’s pupils, we practitioners—students of the great healer.”
“The world is woven of secrets.”
Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.
Cooking is as creative a process as writing, as the authors of Book View Café demonstrate in this first ever BVC cookbook.
Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!
Step across the threshold from this reality to another.