Author : Steven Popkes

Steven Popkes lives in Massachusetts on two acres where he and his wife raise bananas, persimmons and turtles. His work has been published across spectrum, collected in numerous Best ofs, and nominated for a Nebula award. His day job is in aerospace making sure rockets continue to go where they are pointed. He insists he is not a rocket scientist. He is a rocket engineer.

The Evolution of the Eye

The evolution of the eye was one of the big issues for those that sought to disprove evolution. (Picture from here.) The rationale (which echoed

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Arts & Crafts I

It should come as no surprise to my two readers that I’m interested in doing things with my hands. I’ve had to work most of

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Cheese Ends, 220718

(Picture from here.) I’m down sick with COVID so I’m not going to give this one much in the way of effort. So far, it’s

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Gas Price Rant

I’m irritated about gas prices (and all the knock-on effects) but probably not for the reasons you might think. I’m irritated because it should have

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Disappearing Books

(Picture from here.) One of the Boskone 2022 panels I was on was the Disappearing Books panel. These are books that were popular or at

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