The Ladies of Almack’s: fighting supernatural crime since 1771…
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Annabel Chalfont, Countess of Fellbridge, has two young sons to raise, a mountain of her late husband’s debts to repay, and a country to defend — such is the lot of the newest Lady Patroness of Almack’s.

To the rest of the world, the Lady Patronesses are the gatekeepers of London’s most exclusive venue. But when they aren’t dispensing vouchers to the worthy few, they’re secretly using their extraordinary magical abilities to defend king and country against supernatural crime.

When someone starts forging entrance vouchers to Almack’s in Annabel’s name, dozens of upstarts and social climbers flood the Wednesday night balls. To save her honor and preserve Almack’s reputation, Annabel must uncover the mysterious forger soon.

The Ladies of Almacks series #1

Marissa Doyle intended to be an archaeologist but somehow got distracted, so instead she excavates tales of magic and history from the matrix of her imagination. Or something like that. She lives in MA with her family, her research library, and a bossy pet rabbit. Visit her online at www.marissadoyle.com.

Book 1 of the Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe
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Marian Halcombe #1
The Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe

Miss Marian Halcombe returns from the pages of THE WOMAN IN WHITE for Victorian adventure!

The redoubtable Marian Halcombe first burst onto the world in the 1860s in THE WOMAN IN WHITE. Refusing to rest on her laurels, she goes on a life of love and adventure in pure Victorian style.


Just last night finished reading Marian Halcombe: The Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe, by Brenda W. Clough, and I had such a good time! The steadfast alliance between Marian, the dangerous woman of the title, and her more decorous sister, Laura, is a delight, as is the growing consternation of the men – hero and villain alike – as they come to realize just exactly what – who! – it is they’re dealing with. The book’s voice is pitch perfect, which adds to the fun. I’m in for the next one.
– Sharon Lee, co-author of the Liaden Universe® novels

It’s a sequel to The Woman In White – but it’s so much more than that. This is a bodice-ripping yarn, a Victorian melodrama with a modern sensibility, a delightful romp, a thriller and a romance and a comedy of manners all at once. I adored it.
– Chaz Brenchley, author of Three Twins at the Crater School

Brenda Clough’s invincible and endearing Marian Halcombe Camlet easily enters the company of Jane Marple, Miss Maud Silver, Pamela North, and Prudence Ford as a British female sleuth in the mid-1800s. The Marian novels are an absolute joy to read.
– Paul S. Piper, author of The Wolves of Mirr

A ripping yarn! Thrilling, lushly Victorian, with a dashing heroine who is not even handsome, yet she bags a delightful husband – not without considerable heroic effort and derring-do – and upholds the finest traditions of pure womanhood! (Well… kinda pure.)
– Jennifer Stevenson, author of Local Magics


Brenda W. Clough writes novels. These include How Like A God from Tor Books, and the Edge to Center time travel trilogy from BVC. Also look for Revise the World, expanded from her Hugo and Nebula finalist novella, and Speak to Our Desires.

Artistic Demons #2. Music may soothe the savage breast, but it also incites demons to murder.
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Artistic Demons #2
A BVC original.

Music may soothe the savage breast, but it also incites demons to murder.

Music defines Margot Tremayne’s soul. She thinks best when her hands caress a piano keyboard, but all music eludes her since a demon crushed her hands on the eve of winning a prestigious international piano competition.

Fifteen years later, she has built a new career in conducting, composition, and teaching. She still feels empty.

The job of driving the increasing murderous demon threat back to the netherworld fall to Abigail Fitzwarrn, Director of the international Guild of Vampire and Demon Hunters. She pushes Margot to return to the scene of her maiming to judge the St. George competition, in order to finally face her demon. Abby knows there is a mystical connection between Margot and the demon: music.

Archie Driscoll is a new field agent of the Guild, still trying to master his enhanced powers. He is surprised that Abby taps him to find and destroy the demon while protecting Margot.

Their attraction is instant and impossible.

Aside from her job as judge of the music competition and he a competitor, her career is reaching into new directions and she will be traveling lot. He’s a spy for a super-secret paranormal organization and doesn’t know where he will be from week to week. Commitment is impossible for both of them.

In the musical competition setting at a haunted manor in remote Yorkshire, Margot and Archie must figure out their growing love while they discover the demon’s weakness and free themselves and their music from demonic tyranny before he kills more musicians for the sin of violating his definition of “pure music”.

Can a woman prone to vanishing when life gets tough learn to stand her ground?
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Chameleon Chronicles #1

Can a woman prone to vanishing when life gets tough learn to stand her ground—and find herself in the process?

Camille Tate has always run away—but vanishing whenever life gets too frightening has never solved anything.

When a broken heart sends Cam to remote Orcas Island to try her hand at caretaking and writing a screenplay, she finds quiet beaches and cozy bookstores, plus a host of intriguing folks, including a rugged boat-builder, a glamorous neighbor, and a reassuring sheriff’s deputy.

But an escalating nest of mysteries and the haunting sense of being watched soon leave Cam wondering if she can believe her own perceptions. As intrigue turns to danger, she must decide whether there is anyone she can trust, or if it’s time for her to vanish yet again.


A delightful and atmospheric adventure set on picturesque Orcas Island, full of boats and romance and theatre people and drinking chocolate and a vulnerable but determined heroine you instantly root for. The rain-lashed small-town setting is so real I want to step right into it.”
-Tina Connolly, Nebula-nominated author of Ironskin

“If the strange, haunting setting of Orcas Island doesn’t drag you under, the introduction to a main character as relatable and smart as she is strange will surely keep you turning pages to find out what will be revealed on the next pages. Orcas Intrigue is a unique, fast-paced, eerie mystery set at what feels like the edge of the world…and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
-USA Today bestselling author Lyla Payne

“Orcas Intrigue is one of those rare cozy mysteries where the landscape—beautiful and compelling—is as much a character as any of the interesting people that inhabit it. Laura Gayle presents Cam as a sympathetic heroine with a real and unusual problem. While reading I needed to know how she was going to learn to deal with that problem so she could get on with her life. I sincerely hope a second volume is in the offing.”
-Irene Radford, author of Whistling River Resort Mysteries


Laura Gayle is the nom de plume of two friends who love to collaborate: Shannon Page (http://www.shannonpage.net) and Karen G. Berry (http://www.karengberry.mywriting.network/).

The news that John Fitzhugh Wyckerly HAS inherited the bankrupt title of Earl of Danecroft shatters his indolent world.
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Rebellious Sons Novel #1

John Fitzhugh Wyckerly has been the spare heir all his life, supporting himself with gambling and charm. The news that he’s inherited the bankrupt title of Earl of Danecroft shatters his indolent world. Even penniless, he’s always paid his debts, but now the estate’s creditors are closing in. He can fake his death and run for cover…or accept overwhelming responsibility and find a rich wife—one who will also accept his illegitimate terror of a daughter.

On his way to find an heiress, he meets Abigail Merriweather, who is neither rich or aristocratic, but she can tame The Terror and stomp cockroaches. Unfortunately, she needs a wealthy, powerful man who will fight her father’s executor and retrieve her four half-siblings. When an unexpected inheritance falls into Abby’s lap, she sets out for London to seek a lawyer.

Can Fitz charm his practical Abby into trusting him to save her siblings when it’s doubtful that he can even save himself? And can Abby surrender reason and logic for the folly of love offered by a man who can have any woman he wants but insists he wants only her?


“Rice is a master storyteller …A wonderful blend of humor, pathos, adventure, and charm, this page-turner is book one in Rice’s promising Rebellious Sons series.”
—Shelley Mosley, Booklist —a top ten romance for 2010