A reaction to the criminalization of homelessness by a California town

A Free Novelette
by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

“Hand-Me-Down Town” was originally published in Analog Science Fiction Magazine in 1989 and was my first published work of fiction. I wrote it in reaction to the criminalization of homelessness by a California town trying to protect its tourist industry. The name of the town in this novella is fictionalized. (The wonderful illustration is by Janet Aulisio,)

-Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.

Thirteen Ghostly Tales from Book View Cafe

Book View Café presents thirteen (of course) brand new (mostly) tales of ghosts, hauntings, and things that might or might not go bump in the night—tales that will inspire an involuntary glance over the shoulder, an unexpected shiver, or an uneasy chuckle.

Open this book at your own risk…of a spooky good read.

Stories by Alma Alexander – Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff – Chaz Brenchley – Marie Brennan – Brenda W. Clough – Marissa Doyle – Katharine Eliska Kimbriel – Shannon Page – Paul S. Piper – Steven Popkes – Dave Smeds – Jennifer Stevenson – Jill Zeller


Marissa Doyle intended to be an archaeologist but somehow got distracted, so instead she excavates tales of magic and history from the matrix of her imagination. Or something like that. She lives in MA with her family, her research library, and a bossy pet rabbit. Visit her online at www.marissadoyle.com.

Shannon Page is a Pacific Northwest editor. When she’s not editing, she can be found reading, writing, cooking, gardening, doing yoga, drinking wine—or some combination of those pastimes. She has no tattoos. Visit her at http://www.shannonpage.net.

Book 1 of the Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe
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Marian Halcombe #1
The Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe

Miss Marian Halcombe returns from the pages of THE WOMAN IN WHITE for Victorian adventure!

The redoubtable Marian Halcombe first burst onto the world in the 1860s in THE WOMAN IN WHITE. Refusing to rest on her laurels, she goes on a life of love and adventure in pure Victorian style.


Just last night finished reading Marian Halcombe: The Thrilling Victorian Adventures of the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe, by Brenda W. Clough, and I had such a good time! The steadfast alliance between Marian, the dangerous woman of the title, and her more decorous sister, Laura, is a delight, as is the growing consternation of the men – hero and villain alike – as they come to realize just exactly what – who! – it is they’re dealing with. The book’s voice is pitch perfect, which adds to the fun. I’m in for the next one.
– Sharon Lee, co-author of the Liaden Universe® novels

It’s a sequel to The Woman In White – but it’s so much more than that. This is a bodice-ripping yarn, a Victorian melodrama with a modern sensibility, a delightful romp, a thriller and a romance and a comedy of manners all at once. I adored it.
– Chaz Brenchley, author of Three Twins at the Crater School

Brenda Clough’s invincible and endearing Marian Halcombe Camlet easily enters the company of Jane Marple, Miss Maud Silver, Pamela North, and Prudence Ford as a British female sleuth in the mid-1800s. The Marian novels are an absolute joy to read.
– Paul S. Piper, author of The Wolves of Mirr

A ripping yarn! Thrilling, lushly Victorian, with a dashing heroine who is not even handsome, yet she bags a delightful husband – not without considerable heroic effort and derring-do – and upholds the finest traditions of pure womanhood! (Well… kinda pure.)
– Jennifer Stevenson, author of Local Magics


Brenda W. Clough writes novels. These include How Like A God from Tor Books, and the Edge to Center time travel trilogy from BVC. Also look for Revise the World, expanded from her Hugo and Nebula finalist novella, and Speak to Our Desires.

Pixie Chronicles, Book One. Pixies don’t play tricks on other Pixies. That’s what humans are for.
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Book One of the Pixie Chronicles

Pixies don’t play tricks on other Pixies. That’s what humans are for

Thistle Down has been stripped of her lavender skin, purple hair, her lovely wings, her Pixie magic, and grown to full human size. She lands buck naked in Memorial Fountain on a hot August morning during rush hour. Now she must figure out which person she must befriend in order to get back to Pixie. But first one of them must befriend her and together they have to save The Ten Acre wood from developers, arsonists, and predatory Faeries so that the heart of all Pixies can continue to delight and educate more generations of youngsters.

Originally published by DAW (2012)

Coed Demon Sluts: Always room on the team
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Coed Demon Sluts 1-5

Five complete novels
Coed Demon Sluts: Beth

Coed Demon Sluts: Jee
Coed Demon Sluts: Melitta
Coed Demon Sluts: Amanda
Coed Demon Sluts: Pog

Aren’t you tired of doing everything right?
Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?

This series of paranormal women’s fiction novels features shoes and shopping, massive fressfests of food and controlled substances, all-girl hot tubbing, riot-grrl rage, rollicking, revenge, renewal, and rejoicing.

Six women find out what they’re made of by making themselves into something totally other.


If you like kick-ass, beautiful, sexy but vulnerable ladies, written about in a humorous, sympathetic manner, just get the Omnibus and read it yourself. It really helps to have the Books 1-5 Omnibus to binge on. I was laughing out loud at the many hilarious situations, descriptions and dialog. And be careful not to read when you’re hungry – the food descriptions are tantalizingly awesome, and will send you to the kitchen to chow down.
-Kindle customer


Jennifer Stevenson lives in Chicago with her husband and two bossy kittens. She swims, bikes, attempts yoga, gardens, and finds new uses for old sex demons. Find her at JenniferStevensonAuthor on Facebook, or tweeting @JenStevenson. You can join her newsletter or just come and poke around her website.