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BVC Author : Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson finds new uses for old sex demons. Check out her five comedy series: Hinky Chicago, Slacker Demons, Coed Demon Sluts, Liars in Love, and Backstage Boys. Her first novel, Trash Sex Magic, was shortlisted for the Locus award for new fantasy fiction and longlisted for the Nebula Award two years in a row. Check out her manifesto at John Scalzi’s The Big Idea. She lives in the Chicago area with her stagehand husband and two bossy kittens. For more Jennifernalia, find her on Facebook or her website, or sign up for her newsletter for early wake-up calls for books, cool extras, free stuff, deleted scenes, and kitten pictures.

Backstage Boys #1
Backstage Boys #2
Eight short stories in radio-play format, from sexy romance to raunchy science fiction, from satire to steampunk
Literary Fantasia – Four short stories of women who escape their preordained roles
Four fantasy, magical, and pagan stories
Seven corny short stories with happy endings
Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?
The second adventure in the Coed Demon Sluts series!
Wouldn’t you like a second chance to go back and do it wrong?
You’re never too old or too shy to find new friendships–or love
Big beautiful woman goes to Hell … hilarity ensues
Coed Demon Sluts: Always room on the team
You need a laugh in your day!
Too much of a good thing … is just enough!
Fraud cop Jewel Heiss has too much of a good thing.
A live-in sex demon sure keeps a girl up at night
Hinky pinky at the rinky!
A roller derby vampire romance set in Hinky Chicago!
The Hinky Brass Bed, The Hinky Velvet Chair, The Hinky Bearskin Rug
Love is lovelier the second time around…isn’t it?
When lovers hide from themselves, how can they find each other?
“Just for you, it’s gonna start raining men.”
It’s raining angels and demons!
Defrocked Hindu love god seeks virgin amnesiac runaway bride
Can love protect their sanity from immortality?
Slacker Demons – good at meeting women, but they suck at the paperwork
Doris and Sam take the commercial flight to their niece’s wedding on Saturn
Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.
Cooking is as creative a process as writing, as the authors of Book View Café demonstrate in this first ever BVC cookbook.
Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!
Climb aboard and embrace our pulp-dream past and our cutting-edge future!
Step across the threshold from this reality to another.