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Author : Sherwood Smith

Sherwood Smith has published over fifty books, one of which was an Anne Lindbergh Honor Book; she’s twice been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and once a Nebula finalist. She teaches writing at Viable Paradise Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard. Website at, and she has a Patreon, where she posts a chapter a day.

Reading the Classics: CLARISSA

Once you accept the lugubrious plot of the longest English novel (pure and innocent girl is Wronged, fades away into angelic death) Clarissa, by Samuel

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Reading the Classics: PAMELA

Reading Pamela, by Samuel Richardson,  is like watching the invention of literature before your eyes. Richardson began this as yet another work-for-hire series of “conduct

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EVELINA and a Sense of History

I was rereading Fanny Burney’s first novel, Evelina, recently. It had been a while; I’d retained a memory of a boring central romance surrounded by vivid

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