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BVC Author : Katharine Kerr

…spent her childhood in a Great Lakes industrial city and her adolescence in Southern California, whence she fled to the San Francisco Bay Area just in time to join a number of the Revolutions then in progress. After fleeing those in turn, she became a professional story-teller and an amateur skeptic, who regards all True Believers with a jaundiced eye, even those who true-believe in Science. An inveterate loafer, baseball addict, and rock and roll fan, she begrudgingly spares time to write novels, including the Deverry series of historical fantasies or fantastical histories, depending on your point of view. She lives near San Francisco with her husband of many years and some cats.

Two stories from the time of King Arthur, when magic was real and dangerous.
A collection of three stories from the world of Deverry
The Aliens are invading!  Or are they?
A tribute to classic SF from Katharine Kerr
The Runemaster, Book One. Secrets can be dangerous!
The Runemaster, Book Two. Old Secrets Wake.
Cooking is as creative a process as writing, as the authors of Book View Café demonstrate in this first ever BVC cookbook.
Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!
Climb aboard and embrace our pulp-dream past and our cutting-edge future!
Step across the threshold from this reality to another.