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BVC Author : Sherwood Smith

Nebula and Mythopoeic Finalist

This picture of  Sherwood Smith was taken many years ago, when she was pretending to be suave and glam instead of  a nerd with a master’s in history, and a wild variety of jobs from barkeeper at a rough harbor joint to the film industry to teacher, when she wasn’t scribbling stories.

Sherwood Smith has published over fifty books, one of which was an Anne Lindbergh Honor Book; she’s twice been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and once a Nebula finalist. She teaches writing at Viable Paradise Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard,  and  has a Patreon, where she posts a chapter a day.

Though known primarily as a fantasy writer, Sherwood along with author Dave Trowbridge  collaborated on Exordium, a five-volume space opera, with Rachel Manija Brown on the young adult “hopeful dystopia” series called The Change, and with Andre Norton on four books listed elsewhere.

Opera, romance, and the Napoleonic Wars!
The madness of changing partners in the dance of love . . .
Three sequels to Jane Austen and one tale about Miss Austen herself.
Music is the knife without a hilt.
The inside story of the first empress…
Out of war the phoenix is reborn … and this is her story.
The origin story of Colend . . .
In a time of change and danger, peace sparks to war, and sons become daughters…
The concluding half of an epic story of politics, war, family and magic
How to become a king: Prequel to CROWN DUEL
The battlefield is now a palace . . .
Two post Crown Duel novelettes
Which prince is the hero and which is the villain?
Nobody messes with Mom!
The second volume in the Rise of the Alliance series is a race against time . . .
As the Rise of the Alliance saga continues, Siamis is not the only one being hunted
The high stakes conclusion to the four volume epic . . .
A summer of roses and revolution
Nobody sane wants war, but what happens when war comes to you?
“We lost the war. Time to fight back.”
Revelation. Betrayal. Sacrifice. The beginning of the end.
Four kids become spies!
The pulse-pounding, heart-lifting conclusion to The Norsunder War
A sequel to SPY PRINCESS
The redemptive power of love amid the shambles of war
High adventure and strange magic!
There’s something more powerful than magic: friendship.
The culmination of the entire Sartorias-deles series is here at last!
How Clair found her gang of girls
Some things are even tougher to deal with than terrible enchantments . . .
CJ faces her toughest challenge yet!
CJ and the gang come to the rescue!
Sometimes children must follow their own paths . . .
The second thrilling adventure in the Phoenix Feather series
Ryu, tired of disguises, cultivates her skills as she finds a new identity. . .
The martial arts epic series The Phoenix Feather sweeps to a triumphant close.
Lhind is once again on the run . . .
The dramatic conclusion to the Lhind series!
All her life Wren has hoped for an adventure.
It takes all four friends to solve this mystery!
Can they turn the bloody tide?
Once again the four find themselves deep in adventure.
All four of Wren’s adventures in one ebook format!
Princesses to the rescue!
Pirates, orphan gangs, magic, castles, and spies!
To stay on the air, they must please the viewers!
Old women get powers — whether they want them or not . . .
How would our lives change?
A revenge twenty years in the making . . .
The chase is on . . .
The swashbuckling space opera continues!
The penultimate volume of the Exordium series.
The exciting conclusion to the Exordium series!
Welcome to the post-apocalyptic frontier town of Las Anclas.
Welcome back to Las Anclas.
Welcome back to Las Anclas.
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