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Book View Café is a cooperative publisher. Our members are professional writers who want to use the Internet to reach a wider audience and distribute their work directly to readers.

This excellent interview at Vulpes Libres gives a detailed look at how BVC operates.

Our cooperative has members all over the world. Our corporate headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Yes, we’re an author-owned publishing cooperative.  We only publish work by our members.  (See “How can I become a member of Book View Café?”)

No. Manuscripts sent to us will not be read or returned. Book View Café offers only books by BVC members.

Membership in Book View Café is limited to authors who have been published by traditional, advance-and-royalty paying print publishers. Members are expected to volunteer for work that’s appropriate to their skills. We welcome membership inquiries from multi-published authors with experience with larger trade publishers. Candidates must be approved by a majority of the current membership. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, feel free to contact our membership liaison:

This excellent interview at Vulpes Libres gives a detailed look at how BVC operates and what we look for in new member candidates.

The members of Book View Café are all professional writers, representing the broad diversity of popular fiction. To see our membership, use the BVC Authors link in the top menu.

To provide you with access to our work in electronic form, to give you a wider selection of fiction from some of your favorite authors than you’ve had before, and to provide us a more direct link with our readers.

We went live in November 2008. You can read an article at the Guardian’s Books blog about the launch.

Yes. Use the top menu to browse authors and genres, or use the SEARCH field.

Add as many books as you want to your shopping cart. When you’re ready to buy, click the “procede to checkout” link on your shopping cart. You can purchase our books via PayPal or credit/debit card. 

EPUB. Some of the older Kindles still require the MOBI format, but check first. If you do need a MOBI ebook, email BVC Customer Support, via our Contact page,  and we will swap your EPUB for a MOBI.

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept payment via PayPal.