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BVC Author : Sara Stamey

Sara Stamey’s journeys include treasure hunting and teaching scuba in the Caribbean; backpacking Greece and New Zealand; operating a nuclear reactor; and owning a farm in Southern Chile. Fourth-generation in the Pacific Northwest, she taught creative writing at Western Washington University. She’s an ardent outdoors person and shares her creekside land with wild creatures and her cat, dog, and paleontologist husband Thor Hansen.

Sara’s SF novels with Berkley/Ace made Locus Best New Novelists. The Statesman Journal calls her Islands “a superior mystery and suspense novel… a stomping, vivid ride.” Her near-future Greek islands thriller, The Ariadne Connection, has received the Cygnus Award for speculative fiction and a Chanticleer Global Thriller Grand Prize.

Her latest novel Pause won First Place in the Somerset Awards for Women’s Fiction, and is a selection of the International Pulpwood Queens Book Club.

The New Leprosy plague and a geomagnetic reversal threaten the world’s precarious balance.
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Lindsey needs to get her spark back.
KurtisP385XL47Ruth: Game Changer. Prodigal daughter. Spy.
The Cybers send Agent Kurtis to investigate, unaware she’s a double agent for the Resistance
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