Blaming Baby Boomers

For one thing, we didn’t elect the current president—at least not by popular vote. We brought the culture of weed to the suburbs, and now marijuana is legal in several states, and medical marijuana is legal even more places. Because there were so many young women in the seventies, attending colleges and conscious-raising meetings, we popularized feminism, pried open doors, smashed stereotypes. The #MeToo wave wouldn’t have been as tidal as it is if it weren’t for us.

I’m on this track because of a wave of new books and articles serving blame to us like a summons to stand before a jury charging us with selfishness. They have titles like The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millenials Economic Future by Joseph Sternberg; Baby Boomers are Stealing Big Time from Millenials, an opinion piece by Chris Tomlinson; and how about this one: A Generation of Sociopaths: How Baby Boomers Betrayed America by Bruce Cannon Gibney.

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The Rambling Writer Explores More Greek Islands, Part 23: The Asklepion Healing Sanctuary of Kos

The ancient healing Sanctuary of Asklepios on the Greek island of Kos is an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

NOTE: Since our recent trip to Greece to research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT, Thor and I knew we had to return to this magical region. My first entry in this new blog series posted here on Saturday, 10/20/2018. It gives an overview of our rambles from Athens to seven islands in the Dodecanese and Cyclades groups, ending our ferry-hopping pilgrimage on the anciently sacred island of Delos.

“There are places benign and places baleful; and I seem to remember that in the treatise on Soils, Airs, Waters attributed to Hippocrates himself, the doctor-saint of Kos makes some attempt to describe the often fortuitous combination of the three elements necessary to create a site with natural healing properties.” (Lawrence Durrel, The Greek Islands) The Sanctuary of Asklepios on Kos certainly fulfills these requirements. Like the equally renowned ancient sanctuary of Epidauros in the Pelopponese, this site of healing exudes a nurturing sense of tranquility that welcomed Thor and me as we stepped into its morning quiet. Continue reading


New Worlds: Divine Rights

(This post is part of my Patreon-supported New Worlds series.)

Given the importance of religion in human culture, it’s not remotely surprising that it’s often served as the underpinning for a leader’s right to power. In European history we most commonly see this in terms of “the divine right of kings,” but the connection between divine power and mortal rulership takes a bunch of different forms throughout time and around the world — which is why this couldn’t fit into the previous essay, but needed to be broken out into one of its own.

So let’s dive into the specifics!

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If You Think You’re an Imposter, You Probably Aren’t

On social media, I regularly run across posts from talented and competent women talking about feeling that they’re not good enough at whatever they do. I see this with writers who aren’t well known and ones who have won awards.

Although I recently wrote about loving my body, it occurred to me after I wrote that piece that I don’t always love myself as a whole. I tend to feel like I should have done more in my life, that I haven’t pushed hard enough, used my brains enough. Also, I am known to get upset because of stupid decisions I made in the past.

I mean, I know I’m smart. I’m very smart. With me the issue is not living up to my potential or beating myself up for making a wrong call. I should know all the legal stuff. I should be better at business. I should have a bigger reputation as both a writer and a martial artist. And I really should have written this or that umpteen years ago.

At the same time, I have noticed an abundance of white men, including obscure congressmen and business executives, who seem to think they should be president even though there are heaps of people with more reputation, not to mention more ability, already in the race. Of course, most of the good people in the race are women, so that probably explains it. Continue reading


TA-DA! It’s Book One of the Archangel Series!

Superheroes! Steampunk! High-stakes adventure! Cool characters fighting implacable enemies for the fate of the world while they’re battling their own demons!

If you like any or all of those things in your reading, Archangel: Ascensionhas it all. I was very pleased to have been asked to pen this novelization of Dave DiPietro’s script for the Archangel film. It was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on to date.

What’s it about?

In a gritty steampunk world of 1893 London, Brenden Winter must fight a ruthless entity known as the Legion, who has framed him for the murder of Queen Victoria. He dons the mask and armor of a vigilante known as the Archangel and leads a growing resistance in order to take back England from a ruthless leader and his evil regime.

Written by NY Times Best-Selling author Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, this thrilling tale has been adapted from the motion picture screenplay for the upcoming film series.

I hope you’ll read Archangel: Ascension. And if you read it, and you enjoy reading it half as much as I did writing it, you’ll be looking forward to Book 2.

(I know I sure am!)


Memories of Vonda

My friend and fellow writer, Book View Cafe co-founder, Vonda N. McIntyre, died last month. There were a bunch of obituaries, including mainstream papers like The New York Times and The Guardian, and many genre publications. Her friends have been gathering memories of her as well. It took me a while to put together my thoughts, but here they are:
I have been thinking what I could add to the wonderful stories about Vonda. She was one of the many amazing women writers who inspired my early career, but I didn’t meet her in person until 1994, when she came to Los Angeles (where I lived then) for a fellowship to the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project workshop. How could I resist the chance to meet her? I wrote to her, introduced myself, and received a warm reply. I picked her up and brought her home to my family. I remember her relaxing, being treated as a normal but quite fascinating person, away from the artificial, competitive environment of Hollywood. We got together a number of times during her sojourn, talking a little about writing but mostly life and food and the weather, just enjoying each other’s company. I remember her returning the favor when I was in Seattle for a convention and she took me out to the best salmon dinner I’ve had in my life. We found a lot to laugh about. Then when I joined Book View Cafe she was my mentor as well, endlessly patient and encouraging. (Plus I got to brag that she formatted my ebooks, how amazing!)

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BVC Announces Amber Affairs by Patricia Rice

Amber Affairs by Patricia RiceAmber Affairs
Crystal Magic 6
by Patricia Rice

Once a childhood TV star, now a tarot reader in the town of Hillvale–home of 325 people and countless ghosts–Amber Abercrombie is content now that she’s escaped the horror of her stage mother and the constant pressure to kill herself with dieting. Then her former teen-idol lover crashes into her tranquility, bringing with him the Death card.

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BVC Announces High Stakes Trial by Mindy Klasky

High Stakes Trial by Mindy KlaskyHigh Stakes Trial

by Mindy Klasky

Vampires, sphinxes, a love triangle, and cupcakes–all against the backdrop of Washington, DC!

Sarah Anderson’s dream job at the vampire night court is turning into a nightmare. Working as the court clerk used to soothe her wild compulsions. But now she’s under indictment for murdering a vampire judge, and both her job and her freedom are on the line.
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BVC Eats: Pickled eggs

There’s something super-pagan about eggs. If you want to see a schism, get any two pagans into a room, but pretty much everyone except the strictest vegans go nuts for hard-boiled eggs, especially in Spring, when the world is mud-licious and we’re all considering removing another vest.

For some, the hard-boiled egg is symbol of the returning sun. For some it’s bunny-treasure to pop into a basket or under a bush.

Whatever your flavor, you can find a pickled egg to satisfy your metaphor. Plus, they taste good.

Pickled eggs are sinfully easy to make. They keep for weeks in the fridge. You can also devil the insides, for extra joy.

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