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Book View Cafe 2020 Holiday Story Collection

Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!

Book View Cafe 2020 Holiday Story Collection

Release Date : November 17, 2020

ISBN Number : 978-1-61138-938-8


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Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!

Nine holiday stories to delight, chill, cheer, or frighten you on a cold winter’s night. Includes stories from Alma Alexander, Patricia Rice, Jennifer Stevenson, and more!

Table of Contents

  • “A Very Wary Christmas” by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
  • “The One About the Founding (1918)” by Alma Alexander
  • “A Daffy Holiday” by Irene Radford
  • “Devil and the Deep Blue C” by Patricia Rice
  • “The Lights” by Paul S. Piper
  • “The Longest Night of the Year” by Shannon Page
  • “Two Rivers” by Steven Popkes
  • “Holiday in Hades” by Jill Zeller
  • “Solstice” by Jennifer Stevenson
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BVC 2020 Holiday Anthology

Come wintertime, the days grow shorter, colder…darker.

Human communities have long gathered together in these times, to share the warmth of a fire, the pleasure of company, the cheer and comfort of a hearty feast.

Feasts turned into annual festivals, that became the winter holidays: celebrated to bring light to the growing darkness, to restore hope when all hope seems lost. To strengthen our connections and get us through the season of killing cold.

In these modern times, we all react differently to winter. Some lean into the darkness, enjoying the time of reflection, of quiet, of slowing down and staying indoors. Others seek laughter and light, parties and pleasure, tinsel and liquid cheer.

Whatever your mood or desire, this double handful of winter holiday stories will see you through the long dark nights. Enjoy in good health, and may 2021 bring ever so many great things our way!

Shannon Page, Editor
Orcas Island, Washington
October 21, 2020


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