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Author : Dave Smeds

You can find a new blog entry by Dave Smeds about every other week at and His favorite subjects are the writing life, karate, genealogy, and designing book covers.

A Story Goes Viral, 1894

We’re so familiar with the phenomenon of information spreading ultra quickly and widely that we have a metaphor for it. We say the news item

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DNA: What a Tangle

People have been talking about DNA for quite some time now. I’m approaching seventy years old, and yet the accepted model of the structure of

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Influences: L. Frank Baum

There are a couple of questions writers get that seem to be unavoidable. I hate both of them. The first is, “Where do you get

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When It Changed

In the fall of 1974, about a week after I had moved into on-campus housing at Sonoma State University, I walked from my apartment to

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The Battlefield as Heroin

When you think of all the things people might get addicted to, war isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But as one of

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