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Book View Café

Book View Café is an author-owned and operated publishing cooperativeWe have New York Times bestselling authors. We have award winners. We write across all genres, from science fiction to romance to historical to mainstream. At BVC, our authors function as editors, copyeditors, ebook formatters, cover artists, website maintainers and more. We offer both reprints and new titles in ebook form, and many of our titles are also available in print. And 90% of the cover price goes to the author. That’s more than at any other online bookseller (Amazon, B&N, iTunes, or GooglePlay).

Our most recent anthology is Murmurs in the Dark, thirteen spooky stories for Halloween, edited by Marissa Doyle and Shannon Page. Our latest releases can be found on our homepage.
Our blog is updated daily with posts from member authors. Subject matter is up to the authors. There are no rules, guidelines, or speed limits.
For detailed answers to some commonly asked questions, Please read our FAQ page.
We love to hear from our readers. Please visit our contact page to comment on what you’d like to see here or what we could do to improve your visit to the Café.

Welcome to the Café