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BVC Author : Steven Popkes

Steven Popkes lives in Massachusetts on two acres where he and his wife raise bananas, persimmons and turtles. His work has been published across spectrum, collected in numerous Best ofs, and nominated for a Nebula award,

His day job is in aerospace making sure rockets continue to go where they are pointed. He insists he is not a rocket scientist.

He is a rocket engineer.

Columbus’ first expedition does not go as planned.
Simple Things, where stories are anything but simple
20 stories from master storyteller Steven Popkes
Everyone knows, including every character in this collection, winters are hard.
Dot 1.0, a performing software robot, does as she is told. Dot 2.0 has other ideas.
Michael and the talking elephant Jackie must face bioengineered lily pads, crocodiles, and bad men with guns. Michael can hardly wait.
Is a terraformed Venus full of dinosaurs worth it?
If God were a pill, would you take it?
Jeremy DaFoe has shaped the body and soul of Nuthatch County for thousands of years. The time has come for change.
The Dragon is coming.
Police procedural like you’ve never seen it!
Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.
Cooking is as creative a process as writing, as the authors of Book View Café demonstrate in this first ever BVC cookbook.
Cozy up by the fire for a little holiday cheer…or chill!
Climb aboard and embrace our pulp-dream past and our cutting-edge future!
Step across the threshold from this reality to another.