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BVC Author : Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

New York Times bestselling author who makes reality behave by pretending to look the other way…

Maya is the New York Times Bestselling author of The Antiquities Hunter (a Gina Miyoko Mystery) and Star Wars Legends: The Last Jedi (with Michael Reaves). She became addicted to science fiction when her dad let her stay up late to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still. Since then her short fiction has been published in Analog, Amazing Stories, Century, Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Paradox and Jim Baen’s Universe. Her debut novel, The Meri (Baen), was a Locus Magazine 1992 Best First Novel nominee. Since, she has published over a dozen speculative fiction novels. Maya lives in San Jose where she writes, performs, and records original and parody (filk) music with her husband and awesome musician and producer, Chef Jeff Vader, All-Powerful God of Biscuits. The couple has produced three amazing kids and a series of music albums: RetroRocket Science, Aliens Ate My Homework, Grated Hits and Shrödinger’s Hairball (parody), and the original music CDs Manhattan Sleeps, Mobius Street, I Remember the Rain and Labyrinth.

When it comes to time travel, the devil is in the time-wimey details…
What sort of mystery could possibly unfold in the heart of an obsessively neat junkyard? Wannabe detective Gina Miyoko (aka, Tinkerbell) is about to find out.
What happens when a celebrity author whose plots are ”ripped from the headlines” gets involved in a murder investigation? Gina and the SFPD are about to find out.
A reaction to the criminalization of homelessness by a California town
A story of class boundaries, racial prejudices, and the one power capable of overcoming them.
Will Mereddyd-a-Lagan become Caraid-land’s first female Osraed, or will she die a heretic in the icy Western Sea like the one who went before her?
Book Two of the Mer Cycle – Will Taminy fulfill her purpose, or will she become a pawn in a high-stakes game of political chess?
Sequel to The Meri and Taminy. Angel or witch, Taminy-a-Cuinn wields a power her enemies do not understand, but are desperate to control.
Philadelphia, 1950‘s: a boy, a baseball, a cockroach. Unlikely place. Unlikely characters. Unlikely love story.
The Adventures of Xeno-archaeologist Rhys Llewellyn
The magic of Polia is broken. Can Kassia Telek discover the cause before her land and its people are destroyed?
Some wizards have staffs, wands, or mediums. Taco Del has a tree…
This free novelette explores the nature of beauty, truth and magic.
Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.
Cooking is as creative a process as writing, as the authors of Book View Café demonstrate in this first ever BVC cookbook.
Climb aboard and embrace our pulp-dream past and our cutting-edge future!
Step across the threshold from this reality to another.