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BVC Author : Kristine Smith

Astounding Award winner.

Kristine Smith is the author of the Jani Kilian series and other science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories under her own name. As Alex Gordon, she has written the supernatural thrillers Gideon and Jericho. Her fiction has been nominated for the Locus Award for First Novel, Philip K. Dick Memorial Award and the IAFA William L. Crawford Fantasy Award, and she was the 2001 winner of the Astounding Award (formerly the John W. Campbell Award) for Best New Writer. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she spent 26 years working in pharmaceutical product R&D. She currently lives in the Midwest.

The aliens called her Kièrshia. Toxin.
So many bones, buried so deep. But not deep enough.
It takes a killer to catch a killer.
Enemy sighted. Enemy closing. Contact imminent.
The first time she died, bleeding edge medicine brought her back. This time, she may not be so lucky.
Debts linger, waiting to be paid.
Two SF-horror stories of humans encountering nature in ways they never expected
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