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Murmurs in the Dark

Open this book at your own risk—of a spooky good read.

Murmurs in the Dark

Release Date : October 5, 2021

ISBN Number : 978-1-63632-008-3


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Thirteen Ghostly Tales from Book View Cafe

Book View Café presents thirteen (of course) brand new (mostly) tales of ghosts, hauntings, and things that might or might not go bump in the night—tales that will inspire an involuntary glance over the shoulder, an unexpected shiver, or an uneasy chuckle.

Open this book at your own risk…of a spooky good read.

Stories by Alma Alexander – Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff – Chaz Brenchley – Marie Brennan – Brenda W. Clough – Marissa Doyle – Katharine Eliska Kimbriel – Shannon Page – Paul S. Piper – Steven Popkes – Dave Smeds – Jennifer Stevenson – Jill Zeller


Marissa Doyle intended to be an archaeologist but somehow got distracted, so instead she excavates tales of magic and history from the matrix of her imagination. Or something like that. She lives in MA with her family, her research library, and a bossy pet rabbit. Visit her online at

Shannon Page is a Pacific Northwest editor. When she’s not editing, she can be found reading, writing, cooking, gardening, doing yoga, drinking wine—or some combination of those pastimes. She has no tattoos. Visit her at

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Book View Café has put out many anthologies of our short pieces over the years, built around fantasy, steampunk, science fiction, romance, and other themes and genres…but somehow, we’ve never gotten around to doing anything with horror.

This collection remedies that oversight. Because who doesn’t love a good spooky ghost story?

Murmurs in the Dark presents thirteen ghostly tales, the majority of which have never before been published. Like ghosts themselves, these stories take many forms. Some (such as Paul Piper’s Violence Begets… and Shannon Page’s Golden Spider Beetles) give the reader a proper other-worldly chill. Others are lyrical (Chaz Brenchley’s The Summer House: a Fable), epic (Marie Brennan’s The Waking of Angantyr) and even humorous (Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s The Nature of Things and Marissa Doyle’s House Is Where the Heart Is.) As varied and wonderful, in fact, as our authors.

When we first announced that we wanted to put together a ghost story anthology, we didn’t know what we would get from the membership, but we knew we were in for some excellent reading. And we weren’t disappointed. Now that the anthology is complete, we are absolutely thrilled (and a little shivery). We hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Marissa Doyle
Shannon Page

Table of Contents

Murmurs in the Dark: Thirteen Ghostly Tales from Book View Café
The Summer House: a Fable
With Stars in Her Eyes
Love in the Company of Ghosts
House Is Where the Heart Is
La Dame Blanche
Given to the Sunrise
Violence Begets…
The Nature of Things
Golden Spider Beetles
Borrowed Places
The Waking of Angantyr
It All Ends with a Game of Croquet

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