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A Rambling Writer Rerun: Playing Pirate!

Ahoy! Join Captain Thor and me as we launch our new pirate boat, RV (Recreational Vessel) Nereid.

NOTE: This is a rerun of an earlier post, as summer Finally arrives in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and Thor kidnapped me today with Bear dog to bicycle the lake trail on our first warm day. I also enjoyed my first skinny-dipping of the season in the very “Brisk” lake! We are now dusting off the pirate raft for more depredations this summer….

If you follow my Rambling Writer episodes, you know that this has not been a typical summer of hiking and biking for me. A new physical therapy regime (after many months of false starts and reinjury) that I fervently hope will finally help my torn hip tendon heal mandated that I limit almost all walking. My hero Thor has been creative in coming up with ways to get me outside, as he may have noticed me ready to chew my leg off like some desperate animal in a trap. So he turned pirate and ordered an inflatable raft so we could go pillaging (and swimming) on the waves of nearby Lake Whatcom. Of course, this involved tricking out the raft with a transom and electric trolling motor, as well as bags of gear, beer, and a small battery-powered pump to inflate the raft. We never go light….


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6 thoughts on “A Rambling Writer Rerun: Playing Pirate!”

  1. Sherwood Smith

    So love the greenery, especially as we move into the hottest and driest four or five months of summer . . .

  2. To Sherwood and everyone in the heat waves, I sympathize. Don’t know how you handle it! Here, after 3 months of record rain and cool weather, the local news is posting alarms about the “unusual heat” suddenly hitting this weekend — it might even reach 80 degrees. They warn about going in the cold lake or bay, as the shock could kill us….

      1. Oh, Sherwood! I hope you get some relief from the heat down there. I don’t understand climate change, and maybe no one does — despite our record rainfall this spring, Washington is still classified as in a drought. May the rest of the world survive humanity!

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