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I’m in the POST!

I used to live in Washington DC area, and the Washington Post was my hometown newspaper. The big problem with having a major national newspaper as your local  media outlet is that they are not particularly interested in writing about local authors. At least not as authors. Go ahead — win an election, get indicted for a federal crime, or break into the Watergate complex and steal psychiatric records for sordid election-year chicanery. Then, yeah, they’ll put you on the front page. Even the book review section tends, necessarily, to revolve around the memoirs of major politicians or histories of world–shaking events. The lowly toilers in genre fiction get short shrift.

However, I have cunningly fixed this. I moved to someplace else! Portland, Oregon, on the West Coast, is evidently far enough away. The magnificent book collection is highly attractive, and less than half of them are in this image.

This ought to be a free click that takes you to the full article, but just in case it doesn’t work I’m going to put the other link after the jump.

This is the other link to the article. Now, for my next stunt, I have to get into a major national newspaper with one of my own books. This will take careful consideration. Now that I no longer live near the nation’s capital I can’t conveniently burglarize the Watergate. There must be a simpler way.



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