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The Rambling Writer Hikes the Bagley Lakes Trail at Mt. Baker

Join Thor, Bear dog, and me as we renew acquaintance with a favorite hike in the Mt. Baker National Forest.

Thor and I finally decided that we’d had enough with our continual rehab of various body parts, and needed to get back to our nearby mountains. We are now becoming experts at “geezer adventures,” or how to do as much as possible with minimal accommodations. So we loaded up Bear dog and equipment and headed up the Mt. Baker Highway, about an hour and a half into the national forest and wilderness area. The Bagley Lakes hike starts out as very mellow, along the outflow from the main lake beneath Table Mountain below (in background) and (hidden) Mt. Baker. (Top photo is Mt. Shuksan as seen from the trail.)

The trail includes a lot of columnar andesite formed from the volcanic activities of still-active Mt. Baker, the native revered Koma Kulshan.


We flushed up a mama grouse and her babies right beside the trail. Mama yelled and flew at Bear dog repeatedly as the babies scurried for cover in the low brush. As we moved away, she hopped onto this log to watch us suspiciously.

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4 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer Hikes the Bagley Lakes Trail at Mt. Baker”

  1. Such gorgeous scenery! And I love seeing greenery, knowing that it exists somewhere in the world. Ditto the clear, sparkling sky.

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