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Halloween Post Stolen!

I don’t know how it happened. One never does, in the world beyond the veil. Perhaps underworld dwellers are angry, or bored. They must be shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at us humans; I doubt any of them would be happy to see us tonight as the veil thins and we may cross. They’re erecting DO NOT PASS tape across the pathways. They disappear as soon as we look at them, and when we look away, they inhabit the space in the corners of our vision. We receive neither tricks or treats. Foil-wrapped chocolates vanish the moment we bring them to our mouths.

There was no ransom note. No Facebook rant. No email hack. The post is gone. Nowhere. Not even behind the veil. As all things are in the beyond places, we can never know for sure.

Therefore, no blog post today.

For consolation, download Murmurs in the Dark now and be wary.

Have a happy, scary, frightful, bothersome, creepy, ominous Halloween!


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