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BVC Eats: Crab and corn soup

Dump truck by ScottSLM

*tump: [white trash] n 1: open a bunch of cans and boxes and tump ‘em together 2: quick and dirty, quantities and proportions flexible 3: don’t tell your doctor you’re eating this

I got this recipe from Greg Ketter, owner of Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis. I forget the occasion—I’m pretty sure we were at his place, back at the dawnatime when he had an apartment in the city.

This I remember: he had a lot of people to feed and no time to cook. (Does this sound like you?)

This is a “tump” recipe, meaning, you assemble the ingredients and tump ’em in the pot, boom.

This soup is also definitely quick and dirty, and not for when you’re on a diet. High fat, high-carb, and soooo yummy. Be careful of serving this to those with shellfish allergies!

Quick ‘n’ Dirty Crab and Corn Soup

1/4 lb. crabmeat or fake crabmeat (shredded) per person
1/2 can cream corn per person
1/2 can corn niblets per person
4 oz. (1/2 pint) heavy cream or half-and-half per person
1 cup milk per person
1 Tablespoon or more butter per person
Cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, and sugar to taste


Tump everything in a big soup pot. Heat. Eat.


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