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The Adventure of the Field Theorems

A Sherlock Holmes Scientific Romance

The Adventure of the Field Theorems

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Release Date : January 1, 1995

ISBN Number : 978-1-61138-086-6


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A Sherlock Holmes Scientific Romance.

In which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hires Mr Sherlock Holmes to investigate crop circles, and Dr Watson demonstrates to Mr Holmes the usefulness of astronomy.

“The Adventure of the Field Theorems” was originally published in Sherlock Holmes in Orbit and is reprinted with the kind permission of the editors, Mike Resnick & Martin Harry Greenberg.


Vonda N. McIntyre writes science fiction.

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The Adventure of the Field Theorems

Holmes laughed like a Bedlam escapee.

Considerably startled by his outburst, I lowered my Times, where I had been engrossed in an article about a new geometrical pattern discovered in the fields of Surrey. I had not yet decided whether to bring it to Holmes’s attention.

“What amuses you so, Holmes?”

No interesting case had challenged Holmes of late, and I wondered, fearfully, if boredom had led him to take up, once again, the habit of cocaine.

Holmes’ laughter died, and an expression of thoughtful distress replaced the levity. His eyes revealed none of the languorous excitement of the drug.

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