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There and Back Again 4: Van Gogh

 I’m afraid Vincent Van Gogh is a major marketing icon in his birthplace. When Pokemon is doing a version of you, then you are unquestionably big time. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is in a prime location, across the park from the Rijksmuseum. They have the world’s largest collection of the artist’s drawings and paintings, although not all of the famous ones — Van Gogh was wildly prolific. Also, he left the Netherlands in 1886 for Paris and the south of France, and never returned to his homeland. France essentially adopted him, and a lot of his work is there. But this hasn’t slowed his countrymen down. In Amsterdam he’s a hero.

 The museum when we were there was teeming. Heaven knows how mobbed it is at the height of the vacation season, in July and August. Appropriately, the building itself is aggressively modern and organized beautifully. We spent a happy day there seeing everything, including this sketch, from very early in his career, of a comfortable cat.

But I couldn’t resist photographing the merch. An artistic rubber duckie! And you should know that if you want a Van Gogh stuffie, or sunflower socks, or wallpaper based upon his paintings, all this merch is available at the museum web site, linked above.



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