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A Rambling Writer Rerun: Big Rock Garden

Join me for a ramble around a lovely local woodland park to enjoy outdoor sculptures and gorgeous rhododendrons in bloom.

NOTE: As I repost this, I’m hoping to have some new material new week. Meanwhile, it’s lusty-nature May, and the rhododendrons are showing off, so this garden visit seemed appropriate. It’s a typical cool, damp “Junuary” in our Pacific Northwest, following two months of record-breaking cool temperatures and rainfall. As I write, torrents of rain pound on the roof, and I wish we could send some of this water to our friends in the drought-stricken southern regions. Here, when the sun peeks out, it’s time to seize the day for a walk. My friend Brenda invited me to check out the prime blooming time at nearby Big Rock Garden, where we ran into friends of hers and had a lovely wander along the sun-dappled paths.

The acreage was originally named Gardens of Art by founders George, Mary Ann, and David Drake in 1981. The City of Bellingham purchased the garden in 1993. There are many sculptures tucked among the foliage, which includes 100 varieties of decorative maples.

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