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The Rambling Writer: Thor’s Minoan Fresco Reproductions

After our latest trip to Crete and other Greek islands, where Thor and I admired the restorations of beautiful Minoan frescoes, Thor decided to paint reproductions of some of our favorites.

While I’ve been on a different kind of journey over the past six months, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for a recurrence of my never-smoker lung cancer, I wasn’t able to create new original blog posts here, so I published reruns of our latest trip to Crete and other Greek islands (pre-pandemic). Last week’s episode featured Minoan frescoes, so I thought it was time to show off the wonderful reproductions that Thor painted on the walls of his shop as his “pandemic project.”

Thor worked out a system in his shop at our former home, projecting images of the restored frescoes on sections of the plasterboard walls, where he outlined the figures. Then he experimented with paints and colors to reproduce the images, learning techniques as he went along.

The “Bull Leaper” fresco is his favorite of his paintings. The two dancer/athletes with white skin are female, while the red-colored leaper is male. (See last week’s post for more information about this Minoan activity.)

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5 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer: Thor’s Minoan Fresco Reproductions”

  1. I love Minoan art. It seems so happy and in touch with nature. I don’t think I have ever seen a violent image, like a battle or a triumphal scene.

  2. The bull leaper is really impressive! To my untutored eye, at least, it looks like the original. Their art is so lovely.

  3. p.s. In Thor’s copy of the “Bull Leaper,” he actually corrected what seemed to be a glitch in the original where the bull’s horn didn’t tuck properly under the left athlete’s arm (If my memory serves).

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