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Extreme Creativity: Tentacles Part 2

Behold, pool noodles carved into tentacles, flourished by my grandson! Now I want to spray-paint them. But foam and spray paint don’t mix — the solvents in the paint dissolve pool noodles. The solution is to mummify the carved pool noodle with duct tape. This also allows me to squeeze together the gaps in each noodle, forcing them into permanent twists and turns. It takes about one roll of duct tape to totally wrap each pool noodle. You can admire in this image how smooth and nice duct tape makes the surface.

 Tentacles of course must be green. I also used a little yellow and some red. Again little Daniel was not allowed to help with this, so disappointing for him but it’s bad for kids to be scrubbed down with mineral spirits after.

The final touch is the suckers. If I had more time and energy, and my hot glue gun, I would attach suckers made from slices of air-conditioner insulation tubing. You buy it at the hardware store. But because of boyish impatience I went with Sharpies, in black and purple. I think these are a success. But … I still want suckers. A girl needs suckers. Maybe I should do another set of tentacles, for me personally. I don’t want to wale people with them, but they’d be charming, as a decor item next Halloween. Right?!?




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