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The Rambling Writer Rerun: Serenity in Nature

In the midst of a lot of “Life happens,” Thor and I seek moments of serenity in Nature.

After the couple years of pandemic, we’re all feeling stressed, but Thor and I thought things were settling down last fall when we decided to go for our dream of building a house on a high waterfront bank where we could watch sunsets over the Salish Sea. Then the last six months have spawned a whole new crop of hurdles to overcome, with governmental regulations breeding like Tribbles with delay after delay and study after study in order to get a building permit; sorting, packing, and discarding 22 years of Stuff in our current home and sprucing it up to get it ready to sell (including sorting all our teaching materials and my writing office); and 4 unexpected surgeries for Thor and me. The latest hurdle was miscommunication and delays before Thor’s orthopedic doc said, “Cancel your vacation (our long-delayed return to our Caribbean snorkeling paradise) because you need the shoulder replacement surgery ASAP.” (The previous “cleanup” surgery this winter had failed, and you don’t want to hear the details…) We are normally very active hikers, so we decided we needed to keep finding our connections to nurturing Nature with what walks we could manage.

Just being on a forest trail with Bear dog is calming, as we breathe in the clean, moist air and remember to let Nature embrace us and feed our souls. I know that we are very lucky to live close to forest trails and the mountains, and I hope that everyone can find a way to at least walk in a park as often as possible. Sometimes our modern urban lives seem to conspire to keep us disconnected from the natural world, and we can’t forget that we’re part of it.

Anyway, between a myriad of tasks related to moving/building plans, Thor, Bear dog, and I worked in as many outings as we could. A walk along the nearby Nooksack River is always soothing (also top photo):

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4 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer Rerun: Serenity in Nature”

    1. Glad to have you along as always, Sherwood! I think of you when we’re wandering in the green — and wish some of our rains would head down your way.

  1. Fortunately our future homesite, and the woods and fields nearby, are wonderfully serene and unpopulated.

    1. Yes, I’m so looking forward to living in that serenity, listening to the waves on the pebble shore and watching birds swoop over the sea. Even our town of Bellingham — “the city of subdued excitement” — is getting just too darned crowded and busy.

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