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The Rambling Writer Hikes the Chanterelle Trail

Join Thor, Bear dog, and me as we log another Geezer Adventure on the Chanterelle Trail above Lake Whatcom.


This week we were all set to tackle another challenging hike to the glacier near the peak of Mt. Shuksan, and we figured we’d just go as far as we felt able. A friend had just been up there and reported clear skies at the top of the road, but by the time we headed up, smoke from the wildfires only 5-15 miles from the mountain (on the east side) were pouring over the passes toward the west and choking out the views as well as ourselves. Here’s the dim outline of Mt. Shuksan:

Here’s how the mountain looked a few weeks ago on a different hike:

We knew the smoke was headed toward Bellingham by that night or the next day, so we drove back down to beat it by hiking the Chanterelle Trail on the east end of Lake Whatcom. It climbs 1000 feet from the lake to the lookout, and it’s a pleasant route with fairly new switchback trails up the forested hillside. (The old route on the logging road was very steep.)

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4 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer Hikes the Chanterelle Trail”

  1. Great shot of the lake! and Bear dog having fun.

    Yeah, murky skies common here. Still the worst weeks of summer ahead, and no doubt brown skies will be joining the withering heat.

    1. We have been lucky this summer with the wildfire smoke. Hoping we get some rain soon, as we’ve had hardly any this summer. Nothing compared with your area. Did you get any rain with the hurricane nearby?

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