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Landscape Painting 6: Reflections

A painting with water has reflections. It’s one of the favorite things painters do to show off. Reflective or clear things, like glass vases or mirrors, have been fun for artists for centuries. Here I’ve gotten the painting to where I can consider reflections. This is not very good, IMO. I have to take another stab at it. In the meantime however, modeling of hillsides and foreground proceeds apace. You can definitely see it’s trees, middle distance, and grass, close at the bottom edge. The main crag is no longer a mysterious wedge of color, but is actually pretending to be rocks and bushes.

Below, a shirt to the knife immediately makes the reflections better. Why? No idea, but suddenly you can see that it’s sky and hill being reflected. Aren’t the forested slopes looking good? And I’ve added flowers to the foreground. We’re approaching done on this!


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