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Landscape Painting 3: First Color

Remember this canvas is recycled. Black is an annoying color to paint over, since it might show through. To forestall this I went through and whitened some of the black:


Also, if you peer closely at the canvas? You can see the red Sharpie I used to sketch some lines. The bottom of the future painting is to the left in this shot.  But this is not very pretty. Suppose I turn it right side up and immediately put in some sky?

As you can see I used thick acrylic paint, a lot of it, ladled on with a palette knife. I really like painting with a knife, it’s my favorite tool. But you do need elbow room, and thickish paint. As soon as you add the sky it looks like the outdoors. At this moment I could title it “Minas Morgul” and stop. But, no. It’s still not right. More shall be done!





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