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In a Weird World War

I try not to say yes to everything. So many anthologies appear, and nobody could contribute to them all. When Weird World War 3: China was mooted at Baen Books, however, an old, old idea resurfaced.

In the West feng-shui is called in to arrange furniture, or perhaps align a building on a piece of property. But the forces being manipulated are, we’re informed, created by earth dragons, swimming or flying far beneath the surface we live on. When I was an undergraduate in college, I wrote a short story about using feng-shui dragon forces for a contest at Boskone in 1977.

I won a prize in that contest, the first time my writing received an accolade! But after nearly fifty years, not much of the story lingers in memory. (No, I didn’t keep a copy, although it might well be in Boskone’s files somewhere.) However, I rebooted the central idea. Which is that all civilization, everything man has ever built, depends upon the stability of the earth beneath our feet. Manipulate it, and you could easily defeat the US Army. If you could only talk to the earth dragon in your back yard, you could do anything.

And who is in the best position to do this? People who have clung to the old ways and know about feng-shui. Close to the earth — farmers, naturally. Can this be done? Click here and watch me do it!


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