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A Rambling Writer Rerun: Crete, part 15: Thor’s Take on the Minoans

t’s Thor’s turn to weigh in on our Greek rambles. After all, he’s been my hero driver and beloved companion on many adventures!

NOTE: Of course, Thor and I had to make another trip to Greece, as he’s fallen as much in love with the islands as I am. This time, in addition to other island-hopping, I wanted to return to Crete after 37 years. My first months-long trip was as a hippie backpacker, camping in the ruins and falling under the spell of the mysterious, vanished Minoan culture. This time, I got to introduce Thor to “glorious Kriti” and research more settings for my novel-in-progress, THE ARIADNE DISCONNECT. This rerun of a 2019 blog series started August 26, 2023, and will continue every Saturday (with occasional diversions).

Take it away, Thor!

Sara invited me to contribute a blog post, a good exercise for my brain, which is getting stiff in retirement.  My main function on these trips is driver and muscle.  Drag a big-ass suitcase up three flights of stairs?  I’m your man.  Reach that little pull chain on the ceiling fan?  I can do it.  I enjoy the ancient ruins, especially the spectacular ones like the Parthenon:

But let’s be honest, most ancient Greek ruins look something like this:

And that is a good one!  You will see a road sign heralding “The Ancient Agora of Agatha” and you will turn off and pay your 3 euro admission fee and find… rocks, and a broken column or two.  Sara of course is all over this, breathlessly reading the captions for the rocks and taking pictures. You cannot imagine how many kings you never heard of have walked across those very rocks.  I have the patience of a saint and will wander over the rubble with her for a good ten minutes before I start to complain.

My preferences are for the beach, preferably nude ones, where we can swim in the hypnotically clear blue Aegean water, and enjoying Greek seafood with my lovely wife.

I’m posting my complete blog entries on my own author website at, where you can finish this episode and enjoy all the accompanying photos. Please continue reading by clicking on the link below, then you can return here (use “go back” arrow above) to comment, ask questions, or join a conversation. We love your responses!


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2 thoughts on “A Rambling Writer Rerun: Crete, part 15: Thor’s Take on the Minoans”

  1. Oh how I miss our trips to Greece! We had to cancel two trips because of Covid worries and medical issues. I will never forget crossing out “arrive in Meteora Greece” on my calendar and replacing it with “prep for colonoscopy”.

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