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Extreme Creativity: Making Tentacles Part 5 Green!

The essential tool for crazy creativity is a hot-glue gun. This is the tool that made Martha Stewart what she is today. With hot glue you can permanently attach anything to anything. And it’s the perfect tool to attach a graduated series of plastic lids to a pool noodle carved into a tentacle.

Is this not convincing? They are now doubly unsuitable for the very young. Being socked with this tentacle would be painful indeed and possibly draw blood. These tentacles are clearly only for display — to hang off of balconies, or adorn a lobby at Halloween, or startle people who pass my car. Zip ties through the loops I have pot at the base could attach them to anything. The loop at the tip could accommodate a sign, a flag, anything suitably seasonal. This is an election year — I could have such FUN!

This time for paint I chose neon yellow and neon green. I also toured through my brother-in-law’s spray paint collection, to pick up a nice walnut-brown base coat and some oddball cans of white and red. I hung them from a tree in his yard in southern Oregon for the paint job, and a half hour’s of energetic spraying gets me this! I don’t think I am ever going to do better.


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