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How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight

“I lost so much weight I could float above my bed!” -Linda Blair.

How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight

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Release Date : May 6, 2013

ISBN Number : 978-1-61138-253-2


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“I lost so much weight I could float above my bed!” -Linda Blair.

The hilarious new spoof diet book from New York Times bestselling author, Chris Dolley. It’s a fun, quick read (about one hour) covering everything from ‘the science of possession’ to ‘Crapper Clinic’s Demon Dating Service’ that ensures clients are possessed by the demon most compatible with their slimming needs.

This is the diet book that everyone is talking about. Some of you may have read about the clinical trials undertaken by Stepford University—one of the leading universities on the PLANET with more likes on Facebook than Harvard and SIX times that of Stanford!

Or maybe you watched Chelsee Chambers test the diet on Extreme Celebrity Weight Loss. Or caught the Projectile Vomiting video on YouTube…

The Possession Diet is the ONLY diet guaranteed 110% effective by the FDA (Federal Demon Association) … and it’s ALMOST NEVER FATAL!

Read the testimonials. Read about Astral Exercising and Head Spinning. Try the recipes…
If you want to know how to lose OVER THIRTY POUNDS in ONE day (without using a chainsaw) this is the book for you!


“How Possession Can Help You Lose Weight is perfect if you’re looking for a fun, quick read. A hilarious satire of the dieting industry, the scary thing is that it could almost be advertising for a real diet plan…if you’re looking for a funny, fast read, this book will keep you laughing.”

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The Concept

Houston, We Got a Problem

The United States is the fattest nation on the planet. Kevin Jones, Twitter’s most popular statistician with over two million followers, has calculated that, if current trends continue, the average American will weigh over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS by the year 2300! That’s enough to make America sink by EIGHTEEN INCHES! Even worse, if enough Americans gather in one place — like Miami for Spring Break — it could cause the whole continent to tip over — sinking Florida and lifting Alaska THOUSANDS of feet into the air!

Move over global warming, the planet’s BIGGEST threat is global fattening.

But What Can We Do, Brick?

We need to lose weight fast. I don’t need to tell you that there are HUNDREDS of diets out there. But only one is guaranteed 110% effective, and that’s the Possession Diet. It’s fast. It works. It introduces you to new, healthier foods. And it’s almost never fatal.

But how does it work?

In the coming chapters, I’m going to take you through a step-by-step explanation of everything you need to know about this amazing diet — from the science behind it to a list of specially designed recipes.

Let’s start with the concept. We’ve all heard about possession. A person is possessed when a spirit or demon slips inside their head. But only recently have researchers realized that being possessed can help you lose weight AND improve your diet.

That sounds amazing, Brick, but, come on, how does it work?


1. You’re Eating for Two

And those spirits have enormous appetites. It’s been clinically proven that a spirit needs at least 1,500 calories a day to survive — some even more than that. That’s 1,500 calories of YOUR daily intake being removed FOR FREE! That’s the equivalent of THREE mature Venezuelan tapeworms!

2. Improve Your Diet

Spirits have cravings — they’re only human (well, some of them are) — but the amazing thing about these cravings is that they are SLIMMING POSITIVE! That’s right, spirits don’t crave sugary foods, or fat, or chocolate, or deep-fried carbs. They crave HEALTHY foods like raw liver and bugs and those tiny dried-up foods you find in old attics and the better-stocked graveyards. And those cravings become YOUR cravings. It’s like a magic diet pill that takes away your craving for BAD food and introduces you to the GOOD.

And, even better, it doesn’t last. Once you’ve been exorcised, the new slimline you can return to enjoying your old favorite foods!

3. Astral Projection — The Safe Way to Exercise

Astral projection is a way of using your mind, or, in this case, your demon’s mind, to create a second body. A second body that feeds off YOUR energy and burns YOUR calories. It’s the safe way to exercise — remotely. You can be as vigorous as you like, WITHOUT straining your own muscles.

Isn’t that GREAT? You can lie in bed and run a marathon AT THE SAME TIME. With NO physical pain, but ALL the gain.

4. Head Spinning — Turning Your Back on Food

Tests have shown that turning your head through 180° — one of the many new things a possessed person can do — slows down your food intake and helps you slim. If you have a severe eating compulsion and just can’t stop, this is the trick for you.

Less invasive than a gastric band, and far safer than supergluing your teeth together! All you have to do is have a word with your spirit and they’ll help you keep your head facing backwards. It’ll slow down your food intake INSTANTLY as — well, you try it — it’s not easy to eat with your arms having to bend behind your back. After you’ve pronged your nose several times with a fork, you’ll slow right down or stop altogether!

5. Projectile Vomiting — the FAST Way to a Perfect Body

Clinical trials have proven that projectile vomiting is up to FOUR times more efficient than ordinary vomiting. You don’t even have to run to the bathroom! With practice, and careful placement of your chair within thirty feet — and line of sight — of your bathroom, you can project your lunch from the comfort of your own armchair.

6. Cursing — Lose Weight and Learn an Old Language

Who’d have thought it? Cursing as a slimming aid? But it’s true! Cursing has been shown to raise the heart rate, oxygenate the blood, AND burn calories. And when it comes to cursing, who does it better than a demon? They know curses that we can’t even spell. And, even better, no one can be offended because no one knows ancient Sumerian these days!

7. Salt Free Diet

Possession isn’t just good for losing weight, it’s healthy too. Take salt, for example. We eat far too much salt these days and excess salt has been shown to cause STROKES, HEART ATTACKS, DANGEROUSLY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and BAD BREATH. It’s a smelly killer.

But spirits can’t abide salt. It hurts them and makes them cranky. Which is GOOD for you as, when you’re possessed, you’ll hate salty foods too. One taste and — BLEH! — it’ll be like sucking on a JALAPENO LEMON!

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