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Ear Candy

Eight short stories in radio-play format, from sexy romance to raunchy science fiction, from satire to steampunk

Ear Candy

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Release Date : April 1, 2015

ISBN Number : 9781611381467


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Ear Candy contains eight short stories in all-dialogue radio-play format ranging from sexy romance to raunchy science fiction and from satire to steampunk.

Dezyrah’s Talk Dirty To Me
Value for Oh
Something for Everyone
Spy Beanie
Who Killed Science Fiction?
Repo Babe
A Princess of Wittgenstein

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About these eight stories…

“Dezyrah’s Talk Dirty To Me”
Dezyrah teaches her phone sex customers to talk back! This story rose out of a challenge to write a sex scene in ten pages or less. It worked…if the author squeezed the margins a bit…and used tiny print….

“Value for Oh”
Can a hard scientist learn how to satisfy a soft biologist? A mathematician talks his girlfriend into trying for the big “O” one more time…using a formula of his own devising.

“Something for Everyone”
The author gets her ideas from stroke books, dreams, junk mail, and the Reader’s Digest joke column. She would like to thank the ever-ready Phil Foglio ( for the idea of the “lifters,” an aeronautical innovation which he introduced in “Hoisters” in his widely-applauded stroke book XXXenophile, number 5, July 1991.

“Spy Beanie”
Love doesn’t really come late. It may ripen behind schedule. A mad scientist reunites with his long-lost love after fifty-one years…and puts her in his experiment.

“Who Killed Science Fiction?”
The author has far, far too many friends who own bookstores, so she can testify that they really do live a long time, even on half-orders of french fries. Their message to the world: Be careful what you wish for.

“Repo Babe”
With pith helmet and blunderbuss, Janie takes on a summer internship at her aunt’s company, a free witches’ cooperative rescue and relocation mission, moving displaced souls from one religion’s afterlife to another. Janie’s gonna be a repo babe! A very short story in the universe of SLACKER DEMONS.

The author takes some liberties with the legendary Lideric, an Eastern European house spirit, blends it with a Romanian sex demon, stirs, pops it all in the oven, and ends up with a Roumanian-American house spirit doing day care.

“A Princess of Wittgenstein”
Ileen is a chambermaid on the run, and a promethean: she is faintly blue all over, and her left arm is not the arm she was born with. Fortunately her new London employers have open minds: Dr Penderby, respected associate of Dr Polidari, experiments extensively with prometheans and automata, and his wife Mrs Penderby is the founder of the Society for the Broader Definition of Humanity. Only one person might ruin Ileen’s new life: Soames, the Penderbys’ automaton butler.

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