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There and Back Again 5: Dutch Landscape

What do we travel for? To see thrilling art, to eat new foods and drink interesting beverages. But above all, it’s to see.  We yearn to see what isn’t around where we are now. And there’s something about the sky and water in Europe. No wonder painters love it!


Amsterdam has plenty of historical buildings. But what catches my heart is the skies and clouds. The Dutch painters captured these magnificently, and it’s wonderful to see that they were being precisely photographical, entirely correct!


2 thoughts on “There and Back Again 5: Dutch Landscape”

  1. I’m Dutch, and decades ago I took a vacation trip through the USA, dtiving roundaboutly from the southwest to the northeast.
    One thing I remember from that trip is how the skies in western Montana suddenly made me feel at home, even though the landscape is very different, because of how the sky and the clouds looked.

    Maybe it’s all the moisture in the air coming from the west, across the ocean, and turning into clouds at the edge of the continent (in Holland) or where the air has to rise to go over the mountains (in Montana), leading to similar cloud formations?
    I don’t know why it doesn’t do so at the west coast of the USA the way it does in Holland, but those skies never looked like that on the whole trip along there. Or maybe England gets the ‘first land contact after the ocean’ skies, comparable to the west coast, and that’s why Holland gets the ‘next step up’ clouds like Montana?
    Or maybe the skies that day in west Montana were just a fluke, but I still remember them fondly.

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