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There and Back Again 1: Ain’t No Place Finer Than Kansas City

I spent the latter months of 2023 on the road, and only now do I have a chance to blog about it. We had a supremely complex itinerary, as you will see. But it began in a pleasant and professional way at the World Fantasy Convention, in Kansas City, MO at the end of October 2023. The publication in trade paper of A DOOR IN HIS HEAD and its sequel A DEAL IN HER POCKET in ebook required me to run around in the proper writerish way and show the BVC flag.

This was no hardship. I’ve been to Kansas City before, when my daughter was there clerking for a federal judge, and it is a fun town. Kindly local friends picked us up at the airport and drove us to the convention hotel, downtown in a district full of luscious barbecue restaurants and hotel habitrails. The city is full of little nuggets like the train station, which has been restored to a dazzling Gilded Age glory.

I was on a number of panels, participated in the mass signing, and sold all the books I hauled with me, all I require for success. I also caught up with dozens of friends, made interesting professional contacts that may well bear fruit some day, and ate marvelous food. All conventions and public gatherings have taken a hit thanks to the pandemic, but it’s my hope that science fiction conventions will not perish but survive into a brighter future. This year World Fantasy is going to be in Niagara, NY!




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