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The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 19: Ready to Move In

The long wait is finally over for Thor and me as our new house welcomes us!

NOTE: People have been asking to follow our progress as Thor and I pursue our quest for our dream home with sunsets over the Salish Sea. So starting with my post of 5/21/22, we set out.

After more than a year in a small rental duplex (we had expected six months until the county’s insanely inefficient permitting processes kicked in), Thor and I were more than ready to finally move in to our new house. We had warned our builder and his partner that we were going to move in at the end if May no matter what stage of completion, as we couldn’t bear to lose another summer locked up in claustrophobic, dark quarters. So Meshak and Ken stepped up and completed almost all of the interior by our deadline, with exterior details like deck railings and more dirt excavation remaining.

The lovely oak floors are finally revealed from beneath the protective cushioning. There was a LOT of construction dust that the cleaning experts had to tackle before we could move in.

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6 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 19: Ready to Move In”

  1. How lovely -though if I had that view I wouldn’t get much done. I’d be too busy looking out the window.
    Love the stonework. Such depth to the patterns in it.

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