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The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 15: Cabinets, Doors, and More

Progress on the new house for Thor and me continues in what our builder calls the “impatient final pregnancy trimester” with interior detail work.

NOTE: People have been asking to follow our progress as Thor and I pursue our quest for our dream home with sunsets over the Salish Sea. So starting with my post of 5/21/22, we set out.

Meshak, our builder, is familiar with the urgency that grips his clients once the house is close to finished, and everything seems to take too long before “the baby” arrives: move-in date. We are close, maybe less than a month away, and Thor and I are champing at the bit to finally sleep in our new home beside the Salish Sea. It probably doesn’t help that we are visiting the building site several times a week to see what’s happening. Next week’s blog post will cover some of the ways we’re coping — starting to plant around the edges of the still-to-be-finished excavations and dirt rearranging. For now, a look inside at a surprising number of cabinets, drawers, and doors that all have to undergo finishing and mounting. We are excited about the beautiful wood grains:

Kitchen cabinets going in. Fridge will be on the left and range and hood in the middle on the back wall:

More of the beautiful alder wood on the cabinet sides:

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4 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 15: Cabinets, Doors, and More”

  1. OMG that shower is beautiful! We are suffering time dilation for the house completion; the end is near but seems so far.

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