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The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 12: Painting Colors!

Thor and I continue our housing journey with a lot of dithering over paint colors, and interior is now done. Phew!

NOTE: People have been asking to follow our progress as Thor and I pursue our quest for our dream home with sunsets over the Salish Sea. So starting with my post of 5/21/22, we set out.

I believe I can hear sympathetic groans echoing over land and sea when I reveal that we are looking at colors for our new house. Everyone agrees that the tiny samples offered at the paint stores look nothing like the final result of painting a wall with that forumula. The subtle “Topiary Tint” is as intense as a mutant arbutus strangling you. But I digress…. Takeaway: I made a LOT of trips to Lowe’s paint counter for pints of samples to paint on 2×2′ drywall pieces. Here are some of at least two dozen sample jars I tested:


Along the way, we had layers of newspaper and painted sample pieces clogging the hall of our small rental apartment, along with a black dog on a dark rug to trip over (We are SO ready to move!) — ahem — and Thor abdicated decision-making to me. After many tries, I/we chose this buttery cream for most of downstairs, and pale green for bedroom and bathrooms.

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2 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 12: Painting Colors!”

  1. I donned my painters outfit the first day and got no paint on my clothes. The next day we painted a second coat and I wore my street clothes because I had not gotten any paint on my clothes the day before. This time I got paint on my pants, shirt, and jacket. How does this happen?

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