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The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 1: Moving Again

I have rambled for much of my life, living and trekking around different countries, but ironically ended up with a bungalow back in my home town where Thor joined me to spiff it upAnd now Thor and I are moving again. It’s been an interesting evolution….

People have been asking for updates on our move, so here’s a start: I was always restless and eager for adventures and exploration of the world, from teaching scuba in the Caribbean and Honduran islands to backpacking around South America, Greece, and New Zealand, and stops in between. With my former husband, I bought an abandoned farm on an island in Southern Chile, where despite many obstacles, we hand-built a charming casita with beautiful native hardwoods. But that project to live off the grid ended up crashing spectacularly. (Once I get those photo slides digitized, I’m planning a blog series on that “colorful” misadventure.) Returning home to my native Pacific Northwest town and getting a much-needed divorce, I somehow ended up with a sweet if rundown 1924 bungalow and a job teaching creative writing at Western Washington University as an adjunct, which meant barely scraping by but determined to hang onto my very own home.

I’m posting my complete blog entries on my own author website at, where you can finish this episode and enjoy all the accompanying photos. You can also view the complete Italy series there, as well as many other Rambles. Please continue reading by clicking on the link below, then you can return here (use “go back” arrow above) to comment, ask questions, or join a conversation. We love your responses!


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6 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer’s Quest for Home, part 1: Moving Again”

  1. Sherwood Smith

    Yeah, we had to paint our last place white, too. It seems to be the thing. (Though the place we bought, everything was pink. I. Mean. EVERYTHING. Right down to handles on cupboards, and the gross Pepto-Bismol pink carpeting in the bathrooms. Come to think of it, that’s probably the only reason we got the place, it had come so in price. )

    Looking forward to your posts on past adventures!

  2. Wow, I thought all the white was bad — including our new temporary rental, where I’ve had to put up colorful hangings or my soul would get sucked out — but Pepto Bismol pink!!! That’s the worst.

  3. Thor A Hansen

    We had a very sweet place there. The summers were especially nice with the deck in the forest and owls for company. But soon we will have a deck on the bluff watching the sunset and eagles for company.

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