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The Rambling Writer: Summer Solstice, Pacific NW Style

Join Thor and me as we celebrate the longest day — from a drizzly forest hike to a blazing sunset over the Salish Sea.

We’ve been experiencing our usual Pacific Northwest “Junuary” of cool, cloudy and drizzly days, punctuated by a couple of real downpours and even a serious bout of hail. We woke up to more clouds and drizzle on the solstice. We needed to do errands in Bellingham and decided that we’d add a hike above Lake Padden — now that we live a 45-minute drive from major stores and services, we have to pack multiple stops into outings. Thor decided that this was a good year for the Devil’s Club:

When I was a teenager, my family built a home half a mile from Lake Padden, which became my refuge. Back then, the lake was a retired water reservoir and fenced off, but I easily climbed the 10-foot chain-link fence for private skinny-dipping and hiking. Now a park, it’s still a special place for me and now for Thor and Bear dog, too.

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2 thoughts on “The Rambling Writer: Summer Solstice, Pacific NW Style”

  1. We will never miss another sunset! Unless it cloudy of course. (Is there something wrong with Sara’s camera or are my legs really that skinny?!)

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