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The Rambling Writer recalls Thailand and Lunar New Year Celebrations

Join Thor and me as we celebrate Lunar New Year in Bangkok, starting with traditional Thai dancers.

NOTE: “And now for something completely different.” Thor and I made our first trip to Asia — the beautiful country of Thailand.  We were lucky to squeak through the pandemic flight closures in January/February of 2020 as we returned from our three-week trip.  (This post is a rerun from 2020. Celebration of Lunar New Year continues this week.)

In our semi-jet-lagged state, we were a bit slow to realize that all the red lanterns and other decorations at the hotel were honoring Lunar New Year.

After our first long day touring the wats, Thor gave me a birthday present of a couple’s Thai massage at the hotel spa, followed by dinner theater of Thai dancers presenting a traditional story. Hanuman the monkey god saved the day from evil demons. The masked figure reminded me of native dancers in my Pacific Northwest with wooden Raven masks acting out mischievous antics. Tricksters seem to be universal!

Here’s a YouTube video of some of the dancing, as well as a dragon who wound around the tables.

There were also puppets carried by graceful women who visited our table. The dancers are trained from an early age to achieve very flexible fingers used for the different poses.


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