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I’ve recently become addicted to a psy-trance band called Shpongle.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Shpongle means: To be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed; COMPLETELY GESCHTONKENFLAPPED.

My musical path has been varied, to say the least. Growing up in an Oak Park home full of classical music from WFMT, jazz from my father’s collection, and folk, I was gobsmacked by the Beatles’ LP Meet the Beatles while in 7th grade. But I could write books about musicians and bands that have influenced me. Needless to say, I always have an open ear for a new and thrilling sound.

And although I ranged the genres from Country to Skiffle, one genre I never clicked with was electronic dance music. It sounded repetitious and boring. Kind of like listening to my washing machine on the spin cycle. But then I was old when it hit the scene, and not into dropping E and going clubbing. Now I’m ready to start.

As I said, I had never seriously listened to Electronic or Trance music before, but influenced by my yoga teacher’s “Pet Shop Boys” T-shirt, I began listening to them, and then

began checking out other British duos such as the Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, and so on.

A friend recently introduced me to Shpongle, and I was immediately captivated. Their music is vivid and hypnotic. Their shows (I’ve watched a number on You Tube) resemble electronic theatrical Happenings.

The band is composed of Simon Posford and Raja Ram, and since 2013, drummer Joe Russo. They liberally add other musicians, dancers, visual artists, and performers for live shows. They are considered one of the originators of the psybient genre, a genre that combines world music with psychedelic trance and ambient. And they kick ass.

If you’re curious check out the You Tube of Shpongle at Red Rocks, 2019. And go from there.


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