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Tag: 20th century history

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  • A Deal In Her Pocket by Brenda W. Clough
    A man who hates surprises shouldn’t fall in love. And a woman who’s running a nation can’t dally with him. Right?
  • Evergreen by Marissa Doyle
    Grace will need all of her dryad powers to avert a disaster


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  • Dennis Short thought his tour of duty was over ... but now he has stepped into another war.
    Audio Editions

    Piper in the Night

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  • Sale! Voices of Ash by Jill Zeller
    Hank's world is overturned by encounters with strangers and lost friends

    Voices of Ash

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  • What Lies Beneath by Marissa Doyle
    War. Spies. Gossip and lies. Mythical creatures. Falling in love. And it's still only July.