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Extreme Creativity: The Return of the Tentacles!

I do not live in a domicile that allows for spray painting, alas! So when I drove down to Brookings, OR to fetch my cat back from her vacation home, I took the opportunity to build three more tentacles. These are for me!

You know about carving, and mummifying in duct tape. But for these adult tentacles, I inserted a wire into the core of each tentacle. Pool noodles are providentially supplied with a long central cavity, ideal for inserting a long wire made from an untwisted wire coat hanger. For usefulness, I twisted each wire (when I had enough slack) into a loop at the ends. This will allow me to attach the tentacles to something useful, like say the railing of my balcony, or to have a tentacle hold something, like say a Barbie doll or a copy of my next novel.

The other large question is suction cups. It is tedious, to cut a hose into half-inch slices. The best tool to do this might be a band saw, which I do not have and don’t know how to use. However! I live in one of the best possible cities for rampant creativity: Portland, OR. There is a non-profit organization, Scraps Creative Reuse, which is dedicated to creative recycling. The idea is to use all the stuff we throw away, instead of tossing it into a landfill. To this end, they collect possibly-useful stuff and resell it, cheap. And one of their four stores is within walking distance of me! My thought is, they’ve got to have something that I can use. Shall we go? Next post!


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