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Extreme Creativity: Suction Cups And Spray Paint

I waled to the Scraps store, confident that I could find something to become suction cups on tentacles made out of pool noodles. And have a look at these!

These are  plastic bottle caps. All sizes, from the ones on soda bottles to the larger ones that twist off of cartons of orange juice and on up. The Scraps organization is evidently supplied by dozens of obsessive-compulsive hoarders, who save every bottle lid that passes through their fingers for years and years.

The Scraps store has a bin of these almost big enough to bathe in, thousands of plastic lids. They sell them for a dollar a bag, and not a little bag either. You fill a paper grocery sack, and it is one whole dollar. So I did. I pawed through the entire bin, selecting the smallest and flattest plastic lids. As you can see in the image, most of these are from water bottles or juice bottles. I sorted some of them by size, small to large, to the right. Then I used my glue gun to stick them to the three duct-taped tentacles. As you can see, I  had far, far too many lids to use on a mere three tentacles. I put all the unused lids back into the bag and donated them back again to the store.

Finally, we get to the spray painting. When I got to my in-laws’ place, I hung the tentacles from a handy tree and had at it with green and yellow neon spray paint. Now I am all set for next Halloween. Look to see me bombing around town with these guys fluttering from my car window or something!


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