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BVC Announces The Glass Dragon by Irene Radford

The Glass Dragon by Irene RadfordThe Glass Dragon
The Dragon Nimbus #1
by Irene Radford

Why is someone killing the dragons?

Magic keeps the kingdom of Coronnan peaceful and prosperous. The Commune of Magicians keeps magic under control by combining powers and overwhelming any solitary, or rogue, magician. Dragons are the source of this form of magic.

So why is someone killing the dragons?

And why has Crown Prince Darville suddenly disappeared?

Journeyman magician Jaylor can’t complete a communal spell, but he can work wonders on his own. He is given the journeyman’s quest to go see an invisible dragon. How is that supposed to help?

With the help of Brevelan, an outlawed witchwoman, with a mysterious golden wolf at her side and a strangely sentient multi-colored cat for a familiar, he discovers layers of conspiracy that could plunge Coronnan into civil war and murder the crown prince, Jaylor’s best friend from childhood. But saving the prince and restoring the crown will cost him Brevelan, the love of his life.

The Dragon Nimbus series #1


“Ms Radford’s considerable gifts as a mesmerizing story-teller shine with undeniable luster.”
—Romantic Times

“A rousing adventure of magic and treachery.”
—Library Journal

“Plenty of popular elements: an intelligent cat, an enchanted wolf, a redheaded witch, a missing prince, the apprentice mage with misunderstood powers, and, of course, dragons.”

“A big, adventurous, satisfying climax to the trilogy by one of the more interesting new voices working with the traditional quest story.”
—Science Fiction Chronicle

“This action-packed plot makes for engaged and thoughtful reading. The author manages to keep the story clear, and the characters interesting to follow. Several themes interplay successfully, with the reader caring what happens. Not surprisingly, the volume resolves one conflict, but keeps the door open for continuing obstacles. This reader, for one, is eager.”
Irene Radford is a founding member of Book View Café. You can find many of her books, both reprints and original titles, at the café, including her earliest books being released throughout 2023. She has been writing stories ever since she figured out what a pencil was for. Editing, as Phyllis Irene Radford, grew out of her love of the craft of writing. History has been a part of her life from earliest childhood and led to her BA from Lewis and Clark College.

Mostly she writes fantasy and historical fantasy including the best-selling Dragon Nimbus Series and the masterwork Merlin’s Descendants series. Look for her writing new historical fantasy tales as Rachel Atwood, a different take on the Robin Hood mythology in Walk the Wild with Me, from DAW Books and the sequel Outcasts of the Wildwood. In other lifetimes she writes urban fantasy as P.R. Frost or Phyllis Ames, and space opera as C.F. Bentley. Lately she ventured into Steampunk as Julia Verne St. John.

If you wish information on the latest releases from Ms Radford, under any of her pen names, you can subscribe to her newsletter: Or you can follow her on Facebook as Phyllis Irene Radford.

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Coronnan is dying. Isolation, imposed upon us by the magic border, is the cause. This kingdom needs to be jolted out of its lethargy. No one is willing to grasp the tremendous power of this land, save me.

Our king is spineless, incapable of decision. My father was just as useless. So I killed him. My brothers, too. I used the king as long as I could. But he is so weak he cannot act, even with my prompting. The time has come to eliminate him for good.

Only I have the resolution to save this land. The great winged god Simurgh shall guide me. I shall make a sacrifice to him. What shall it be? A spotted sabre cat? A great grey bear? Or perhaps a kahmsin eagle.

No. I shall offer up the greatest sacrifice of all. The last female dragon.

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