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An Exclusive Club

So, I just joined a very exclusive club – one which I never thought anything I wrote would get anywhere near.

People, a county in Florida banned more than a thousand books in January of 2024. These included things like Agatha Christie mystries, the ever-vexed “Diary of Anne Frank” (which makes some people VERY uncomfortable…), five freaking DICTIONARIES… and my own “Gift of the Unmage”.

Yes, seriously. They banned a frankly YA fantasy novel. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. A friend said “you write about magic and have strong female characters so of course you are banned by cowering conservatives” and I am honestly thinking of adding that as a banner on the cover somewhere – BANNED BY COWERING CONSERVATIVES. It’s a freaking badge of honor, that’s what it is.

Be very sure that I am going to promoting Banned Books Week with great vigor this year.

In the meantime, you can go out and get a copy of the book they banned

in the BVC shop right now, or you can opt for a paperback here.


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